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Meet Susan

Certified ADHD Coach

At the time of my first introduction to ADHD, I was 20 years into an established International Finance career, which had enabled me to live and work abroad in great places like Italy and the UK and travel throughout the Western Hemisphere. The ADHD diagnosis wasn’t mine, it was a family member, who was at age 9. Fortunately, I wasn’t traveling much anymore, and could focus on learning everything I could about ADHD and how to ‘treat’ it. Our pediatrician recommended we see a psychiatrist and an ADHD Coach. Really? What was that? Unfortunately, ADHD coaches weren’t operating virtually at the time so they were hard to come by. We finally found an ADHD coach 6 years later in 2016, around the time that a second family member was finally diagnosed. Seeing the confidence they gained working with a trained ADHD coach inspired me to consider becoming a coach myself.

I decided to get my own coach to explore a career change and in 2019 I decided to leave International Finance after a 30-year career (typical ADHD). I had spent the first six years out of college teaching high school Italian before changing careers, getting my MBA at NYU Stern, and embarking on a career in banking. Working with my coach, I returned to teaching high school Italian and French and began training to be an ADHD coach. The training gave me a depth of understanding of ADHD and a clarity I couldn’t have imagined possible. This meant two major discoveries. First, it made me realize, through no fault of their own, how poorly equipped many of our educators are to teach neurodivergent brains, I immediately applied what I was learning with my students and colleagues. Second, in the ADHD education, I clearly recognized myself, and an overwhelming number of ADHD traits that I possess. Pieces of my childhood and adulthood made sense, and I thought if only I knew then.

I’ve used my training to understand and work with my own brain in a way I never had during my early life and my professional career. This has been essential in helping me to improve my life, to set and achieve realistic objectives, and be well-prepared to be a great partner to my clients.

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Education and Training

  • BA Italian and Secondary Education, Stony Brook University

  • NJ Teacher Certification, Italian and French

  • MBA Finance and International Business, NYU Stern School of Business

  • ADDCA Basic ADHD & Life Coaching Program - November 2021

  • ADDCA Associate Certified Coach (AACC) - November 2022

  • ADDCA Fundamentals of ADHD Coaching for Families - December 2022


Our Partnership

We will be equal partners in the journey to understand what makes you a unique individual and how your brain works. I will help you to clarify your desires and keep us on track so that we are always working towards what you truly want.

As we do this, we will build your awareness of your brain and you as an individual. We'll identify your values, your strengths and your passions. We will use this awareness to make choices and design environments that are right for you. All toward building your confidence in yourself and satisfaction with your life.

My Philosophy

People with ADHD are amazing! The ADHD brain is beautiful, and each person has a combination of characteristics that make them unique. There are so many positive traits of a person with ADHD, that sometimes we ignore the challenges!  Everyone I’ve ever met with ADHD is creative, resilient, passionate and resourceful - ADHD shows up differently for everyone.

My passion is to empower others with ADHD to realize their potential and to live fulfilled lives. As a coach, I will collaborate with you to understand your unique brain and to identify your strengths, and clarify your aspirations. What do YOU want to achieve? We’ll use that knowledge to create customized, practical ways to navigate your challenges.

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