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My Services

Teens and Family

I’ll help your teenager discover and work with their unique strengths. We’ll develop strategies for school, their social lives and at home, to tackle procrastination, enhance organization and planning skills, improve attention and manage time better. We'll give those amazing ADHD traits, like creativity, passion, curiosity, and resourcefulness, a chance to shine!!

Working with your teenager also means working with their primary support system: you! We’ll identify how you can best support your ADHD-impacted child and family, and improve harmony at home.

College & Young Adult

Striking out on your own in an unfamiliar environment is challenging even without ADHD!

Whether it’s figuring out new social circles or clarifying a career path, discovering how to keep on top of assignments or not falling behind in those ‘less-than-favorite’ courses, and keeping up with your work on the job, without your boss hanging over you. I’ll be your equal partner in navigating your new environment. You'll set the direction based on what you need to feel confident as your own person.


Whether you’re facing a career decision, wanting to improve your workplace performance, looking to enhance your relationships or making important life changes, we’ll work together on whatever challenges you’re facing!


You’ll define our direction and we will figure out how to use your strengths to overcome the hurdles in your path.

Teens and Family

My experience as part of an ADHD-impacted family and as a high school teacher, enhance my ability to partner with your teens to develop their confidence, social skills, executive function skills and academic ability. Eight years as a high school teacher has enhanced and clarified my understanding of the challenges of ADHD in a classroom setting and gives me a unique perspective for identifying opportunities for realistic accommodations in the classroom and for positive change.  I can help your child grow their relationship with their teacher and their classmates. I will support you in navigating the IEP and 504 processes and even communicate directly with educators and administrators according to your preference. Together we will discover how to leverage your child’s strengths and recognize and overcome their challenges.

College Friends

College & Young Adult

We will be equal partners in the journey to understand what makes you a unique individual and how your brain works. I will help you to clarify your goals and keep us on track so that we are always working towards what you truly want. We’ll work together to strengthen your executive function skills and build your own support structure to keep you organized and on top of your responsibilities.  By discovering your strengths—what works for YOU—we’ll develop strategies to face that procrastination and planning head-on, and develop more of what enables you to manage time, sustain attention, and complete tasks. We will also identify and take advantage of the services available to you. My goal is to empower you to overcome your challenges using a positive, strengths-based approach—comprising your strengths.

Couple on a Walk


As equal partners, we will define your desired journey, and collaborate to align your life with your core values and objectives. My 25+ years of experience as a finance professional in an international corporate environment and my lifetime of experience as a parent, a partner and a teacher enhance my ability to partner with you no matter which area of your life you’re looking to change. Discovering your strengths together, we will develop strategies that will enable you to work towards your desired outcomes and to live the beautiful life you deserve.

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