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Live Your Beautiful Life

ADHD Life and Executive Function Coaching

ADHD comes with multiple challenges we all recognize….. lack of confidence, procrastination, inattention, weak social skills…. more than I can list here.

But ADHD also comes with strengths like creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, intelligence and curiosity, to name a few!

Our coaching partnership will help you address your, or your child’s, challenges, leverage your strengths, and create solutions, so you all can…Live Your Beautiful Life!

Meet Susan

Certified ADHD Coach

I have been part of an ADHD-impacted family all of my life. I’ve seen a trained ADHD coach help my family members find their better selves and build confidence and self-esteem. Through collaborating with a coach and my ADHD coach training, I accelerated my self-awareness: understanding how my own ADHD manifests and how to work with my brain instead of against it.


This has been essential in helping me to set and achieve realistic goals, redesign my professional life (twice!), and change how I show up for my loved ones to improve harmony in our home. 


My Services

Family and Teens

College & Young Adult


Pencil Scribbling

My passion is to empower others with ADHD to realize their potential and to live fulfilled lives.


What do YOU want to achieve?

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Jane, Researcher, U.K.

“Susan helped me to feel much more positive about myself and my ADHD across our sessions. She provided an empathetic ear, guidance on how to create strategies for myself and accountability as I worked towards my goals. I’ll always be grateful for her expertise."
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